The mission of the American Studies and Research Institute is to produce quality scholarship, research and discussion on contemporary U.S. domestic and foreign policy processes and practices, focusing in particular on developments impacting our region, and to provide a clearer understanding of American political, economic, social, cultural and constitutional discourses.

This primary mission is supported by the following main objectives, which also describe the overall goals of the Center:

1. Contribute to a meaningful and sustainable dialogue for strategic cooperation between Hungary, Central Europe and the U.S. by cultivating a better understanding of American domestic and international policies and practices for policy-makers and the general public alike.

2. Give high priority to questions of geostrategic and foreign policy importance as well as more pragmatic questions, including matters related to economic and commercial cooperation, cyber protection and cyber warfare, and legislative and constitutional developments.

3. Pursue public information activities that include regularly scheduled public events, live and virtual information briefings and dissemination, and a publications program that targets specific audiences as well as general audiences as needed.

4. Engage in research and educational programs, including exchange programs, as well as cooperative activities with U.S. and European organizations of similar nature and objectives.

5. Embrace common values of mutual respect, mutually beneficial cooperation and communication, transparency, democracy, and the promotion of academic freedom.