Zsolt Csutak

Zsolt Csutak graduated from the University of Szeged, gaining an MA degree in American Studies and also obtaining BA degrees in Political as well as European Studies. Currently, he is a PhD student at the National University of Public Service Doctoral School of Military Science, with primary research focus on analyzing the intellectual and strategic changes occurring in the security and foreign political thinking of the United States at the end of the 20th century. He is also keen on getting a deeper insight into the new digital technology-based trends and phenomena affecting even the transformation of international affairs and the general human condition, particularly concerning the issue of cyber security and the rise of artificial intelligence. He had the great opportunity to obtain a summer scholarship to the United States (1997) as well as to France (1999 and 2000),   spending some months in Paris and in Strasbourg, too at the Youth Directorate of the Council of Europe. As an international student foreign representative from Hungary he travelled all across Europe and North America, also working as a tour guide and teacher of English. In 2009-10 Zsolt was also taking part in the prep-team of the Hungarian presidency of the European Council within the framework of the European Studies Centre of the European People’s Party. He tends to publish regularly in English and Hungarian on issues of international relations and security affairs. He also speaks intermediate level French and basic Italian. In 2019 he also spent some months studying Media Literacy and Communication policies at Kent State University, Ohio on behalf of the US Department of State and the Fulbright scholarship commission. Furthermore, he conducted extensive research in various American presidential libraries related to the topic of his doctoral thesis. He is also a member of the Hungarian Association of Military Science as well as of the Hungarian Historical Society.