1st European regional meeting of Harvard Adaptive Leadership Alumni Network

The 1st meeting of the European regional group of the Harvard Adaptive Leadership Alumni Network held its first meeting between 25-27 November 2016, to which the National University of Public Service, as the sponsor of the event, provided the venue. The European network considers this event a launch of a series of meetings organized on a yearly basis.

Members of the adaptive leadership network had a successful weekend including spending quality time together. In addition to the presentation about Kansas Leadership Center's work and a discussion on the case-in-point method, used by adaptive leadership, the group used training methods to build trust and do conceptual work. As a result, a core part of the mission statement has been formulated. Network members agreed on a prolonged effort to complete the work before open it up for discussion within the wider European adaptive leadership community. 

A conference included a video conference with the executive director of the Harvard Adaptive Leadership Alumni Network which gave opportunity for the European group to ask questions and learn more about the work done so far. Participants also summarized the work done so far. Network members showed interest to support the proposed collaboration between NKE and the European adaptive leadership network. This also means that the first meeting was a beginning of a deeper cooperation.